puppyinthecorner: (uhh...what?)
Puppy ([personal profile] puppyinthecorner) wrote2011-01-21 08:15 pm

009 - Krud no more...almost

Snowed last night and was really cold and windy today, so didn't get to do a whole lot, but my roommate and I still went up to see the boys and give them some loving and some good grooming. I'm glad to say that my roommate, Megan, actually managed to get most of the krud off of Bear, and I worked on getting some of the stains out of Flynt, though that one is going to take some extra time just because he struggles in the cross ties so much. I had gotten him over it, but it sounds like my leaser hasn't had him in them, so I imagine he probably just got out of the habit. I'll get him back into it eventually.

So, I noticed it the other day, but apparently someone has been taking the saddle pad off of my saddle, and so my saddle is now totally filthy. I went up there today and found it the same way. Now, since I'm the only one that uses that saddle, there is NO REASON, why anything should be moved there. If the pad gets moved again, I might think about putting the saddle back in my trailer, or putting a sign up, because it's really starting to piss me off now.