puppyinthecorner: (Either I shoot or I shoot.)
Puppy ([personal profile] puppyinthecorner) wrote2011-03-12 09:42 pm

014 - Boss from Hell

So, my boss is a serious bitch. I know people say this about their bosses all the time, but really, you guys have no clue how serious I am when I say treats her employees like SLAVES! I mean, give you an idea, we work a commission based job, and we really make next to nothing during the winter, so what does she do, bitch, yell, and threaten to fire us. I mean, geez lady, we barely have any reason to stay as it is, and you're giving us less when you're understaffed. Oh give me a break. I know some shitty employers, but even they're not THAT stupid. And yes, fire the employees that follow rules and make you the most money for no reason because you're in a bad mood. Wow, that's smart. NOT!

Geez, someone remind me why I'm still working there again?