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Wow, I don't know why I haven't written in this thing for so long, but it's really strange that I haven't. I guess it's just because so much has happened between home life, horses, and school. It's honestly just keeping me so busy. So busy in fact that I seem to be exhausted to the point of not wanting to do much of anything during my free time. Either way, free time or not, I still feel I should be posting here more, even if nobody may be listening. I'll work on it.
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So, my boss is a serious bitch. I know people say this about their bosses all the time, but really, you guys have no clue how serious I am when I say treats her employees like SLAVES! I mean, give you an idea, we work a commission based job, and we really make next to nothing during the winter, so what does she do, bitch, yell, and threaten to fire us. I mean, geez lady, we barely have any reason to stay as it is, and you're giving us less when you're understaffed. Oh give me a break. I know some shitty employers, but even they're not THAT stupid. And yes, fire the employees that follow rules and make you the most money for no reason because you're in a bad mood. Wow, that's smart. NOT!

Geez, someone remind me why I'm still working there again?
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Had a really busy and fun day hanging with my roommate, [livejournal.com profile] meg_mm_62791 today. Long story short, we got up, went bowling, went out to eat, then spent the rest of the day hanging out at Dave & Busters, which for anyone that doesn't know, it's basically a big gaming place. Has a huge arcade, a bowling alley, and I whole room for billiards. Safe to say, we basically did everything there, with the exception of the bowling since we had already done that earlier at Thunderbird lanes. We plan to bowl at D&Bs next time since their bowling alley was amazing! But while we were there, we did play in the arcade, win a TON of prize tickets through jackpot games, played billiards for awhile while enjoying some drinks and snackage, and then went back into the arcade to win more tickets, which might I add, was fun, but kind of sucked when we realized we had forgotten our second round of tickets somewhere and that someone had taken them. But hey, all in good fun I guess, even if it did suck.

Either way, we had so much fun that we lost track of time, and didn't really get out of there until 10:30pm.

Most certainly one of the funniest days ever.

Batty, you should join us next time.
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So, I had a pretty fun day hanging with the roommate. We went for a little biking in the snow, watched some TV, went out to eat Japanese food, and then went to the bookstore which brings up something laughable. See, as we were leaving the Barnes & Noble, we saw a couple of boys coming down the block, and you know what they were carrying? A GIANT CLUMP OF SNOW! I swear it was bigger then they were, but all the same, it sent Megan and I totally cracking up about it.

In other news, the cat is doing well. He's eating, drinking, and it looks like he's still having some trouble handling dry food, but we're sure he'll be able to manage it soon at this rate.

That's all for now. See ya!
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Had an eventful day yesterday. Woke up to find out that one of my cats had chewed through a wire and had managed to burn his tongue real bad. To top it all off, it had snowed for the past two days, leaving me with quite a problem since my local vet was closed due to the snow. Now I had to somehow manage to take about a 45 minute or so ride downtown in my little 2003 Nissan Sentra, to go to the animal emergency room. Boy, that was not fun. I made it there without getting stuck, and lucky for me, the cat is going to be okay, though he's going to have to be monitored to make sure he eats and drinks okay. He seems to be doing both, though he's a bit slow at it for obvious reasons. Now, he also has to be given medication about twice a day. Thankfully, it's all liquid medications, so he's not getting tortured too much.

I hope he heals up well, and a big thanks and lots of hugs to my roommate, [livejournal.com profile] meg_mm_62791, for helping me out so much. You're the best.
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So, the last couple days was interesting and fun all at the same time. I had a meeting for Zenkaikon since I'm staffing it this year, and I ended up being an hour and fifteen minutes late just because my alarm didn't go off, which is really bad for me since I normally pride myself on being early, not late. Now even though I had to duck and throw my hands over my head for cover from my department head, it was still tons of fun hanging with all the other staff. After going over all the con stuff, we went to King of Prussia Mall to get dinner at a diner and then walk around and have a good time. While I was there, I ended up running into my roommate, and I introduced her to some of the staff members since she's going to be our con slave a Gopher this year and help us out, so it was great for her to get to know everyone. I split off from the other staff members after that and hung with her for a bit before going home and having a bit of a rough night.

Thankfully, the next day was a lot more fun. Slept like a log until late, and then went out to lunch with the roommate before coming back and playing name that tune. Probably doesn't sound like we did a whole lot, but the point is we had a good time.

Today, we're mostly just lazying around, listening to music, chatting, planning some con stuff, and planning to read some of my book once I finish writing this post. The roommate is currently sewing a mini-skirt and is planning to make us a couple costumes at some point for Zenkaikon which will be tons of fun since I haven't cosplayed since forever. Later on, I'll be taking Megan to go ice skating which she seems to be really excited about. I won't be skating myself since I'd have to rent skates, but I'll have enough fun just watching Megan and the other people at the rink. Hopefully the rest of today will continue to be a good day. I really like good days.

Oh yeah, so I've decided though I totally love my roommate, she's a total weirdo for making a facebook group for boobs with pictures and all, so all of you go join, okay? It's called Shapely Breasts. Have fun, everyone!
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Snowed last night and was really cold and windy today, so didn't get to do a whole lot, but my roommate and I still went up to see the boys and give them some loving and some good grooming. I'm glad to say that my roommate, Megan, actually managed to get most of the krud off of Bear, and I worked on getting some of the stains out of Flynt, though that one is going to take some extra time just because he struggles in the cross ties so much. I had gotten him over it, but it sounds like my leaser hasn't had him in them, so I imagine he probably just got out of the habit. I'll get him back into it eventually.

So, I noticed it the other day, but apparently someone has been taking the saddle pad off of my saddle, and so my saddle is now totally filthy. I went up there today and found it the same way. Now, since I'm the only one that uses that saddle, there is NO REASON, why anything should be moved there. If the pad gets moved again, I might think about putting the saddle back in my trailer, or putting a sign up, because it's really starting to piss me off now.
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Went to see my boys again today. Lunged them a bit, and tried a Hackamore on Bear, which is basically like a bit that doesn't need to go in their mouth and instead uses pressure on the horses' nose. He did pretty well with it, though he'll need some work before I can let other people ride him with it.

So, I mentioned that I would tell everyone what I got in the mail yesterday, and I'm going to tell you now. I got a driving harness for Flynt. We tried it on him today, and it's going to need some holes put in it, but it looks like it's going to fit him pretty well, and that we're going to be able to use it. And I'll tell you one thing. I picked up one nice Harness. Got it off ebay for $200, and it's high quality. It's not a Smuckers harness, but that's okay because it's still a damn nice harness.

Planning to go up and see the boys again tomorrow, weather permitting. I really hope the weather will be okay. I really want to spend as much time with them as possible, and I really want to get all the krud off of Bear so I can throw a saddle on him again.
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I've still been working on that huge batch of icons I'm planning to release eventually. Making my way through them at my own pace. Below is a list of what kinds of icons I'm planning to release in the batch.

The Twelve Kingdoms
Final Fantasy
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Quest for Camelot
Disney (Not sure what yet)
Fushigi Yuugi
Some Stock

The Swan Princess (Maybe)
Devil May Cry (Maybe)
Doctor Who (Maybe)
Xenosaga (Maybe)

Might add more later depending on my mood, but those are the ones on the plans for now.

In other news, I'm getting around to compiling all my books again. It'll no doubt take a whole lot of time considering I'm only on the second shelf of my manga and I've been working on it for about 3 or 4 days now. It'll be nice to have a database together once I'm finished though, cause people are constantly borrowing my books, and I kind of like to know where they're going and who they're being borrowed off to so I know who to hunt down when I'm missing one.

Oh, one more thing, I got something that I was waiting for in the mail today. I'm really excited to finally get it, but I'm also so tired. I'll be sure to let you all know what it is tomorrow because I don't want my roommate reading this and finding out before she gets to see it. Promise though, I'll tell everyone what it is tomorrow.
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Finally got around to going up to the barn today and seeing my boys. In other words, my two horses. Had fun, but man did they make me work. I didn't get any chance to ride or anything, all I did was groom Bear, and oh, groom Bear. He's totally covered in all sorts of krud that just isn't going to come off in one day, and the worst part is that it's all on his belly, girth area, and legs, so I can't even put a saddle on until I get it all or most of it off, and that's going to take awhile. I can always ride him bareback, but part of me really wants to do some saddle work with him. I hope I can get it all off soon.
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I found out that a horse at our barn went to the big pasture in the sky today. His name was Teak, and though I'm sad to hear of his passing, I'm glad to say that he died a happy old horse thanks to his beloved human, Stephanie. RIP Teak. Hope you get lots of carrots and apples up there. We'll all miss you a lot.
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Well, after a few months of knowing I would have to do it eventually, I finally got around to making myself a proper layout. I think it came out pretty good, myself. Though I'm always up for some input if anybody has any.
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Went on a bit of an icon making spree last night, and I'm still going. I'm not sure when I'm going to get done, but maybe I'll upload and post them all for people to use when I'm done. Of course, if I do that, I guarantee I'm going to be releasing one hell of a batch.

I can't wait until I'm done them all, and I'm really hoping to hear what people think of them, so I'll probably post them to a few communities too. You know, get the word out that they're there. Hopefully that will get them noticed a bit.
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So, nobody is going to believe this, but I actually own a couple horses, and they're both really really good usually, but you know what happened last week? My 9 year old horse decided to be a jerk, and play a little game. See, he's really smart, and he's learned that if he pulls back on the rope he's tied to hard enough, he can break lose and get out of working. Well, he tried that last week, and since he hadn't done it in over a year, I had let my guard down a bit about, plus he never usually did anything dangerous. Just pulled back, and normally as soon as you put your hand on the rope, he would stop. This time however, he decided to rear up when I did that, ending in a hoof to my face! Lucky for me, he doesn't wear shoes, and because he's smart and such a people lover, he pulled off right away rather then putting any weight on me, unlike most horses who would care and would just bring all their weight down on you anyway. I didn't end up with any broken bones or anything, just a bruise, some swelling, and a few minor cuts and scrapes on my face, though I've got to admit, it looked pretty nasty at first appearance.

You know what though, despite the fact that I was sitting on the ground with a bloodied face and nose, I was laughing my head off. Yeah, I know, people don't normally laugh about stuff like this, but for some reason, the concept of getting kicked in the face by a horse was just plain funny to me. Also, rather then thinking "I should go to the ER," I was thinking "OMG! FUCKING HORSE! JUST WAIT UNTIL I GET UP AND I'M GONNA LUNGE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!" For those who don't know what lunging is, it's when a someone takes a long whip, and asks the horse to go around in circles. We don't use it on the horse, it's just meant to be a signal for them so they understand what we want from them. Lunging is often used as a way to get rid of a lot of a horse's excess energy, which I guarantee, my horse had a lot of at the time since he's been stuck in the barn a lot because of the cold weather. Lunging is also meant as a way to create a greater bond with your horse, because it teaches the horse to show us the same respect that they would show their own herd leader.

Anyway, yeah. That's all I wanted to do after I was knocked down, and the only reason I didn't was probably because the barn owner would have KILLED me if I tried. You know, human safety first and all. Guess I'm just a little thickheaded.

And yes, I still think getting kicked in the face by a horse was hilarious.
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It's always so much fun starting new journals. There's just so much to do. Upload icons, fix up my profile, write my first post, which obviously I'm doing now, and making a new layout. Well, normally I would make my own, but this round, I'm going with a friend making it instead. I'll just have to do everything else. Well, atleast I've got my icons, and that's a start.


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