puppyinthecorner: (Say cheese!)
Puppy ([personal profile] puppyinthecorner) wrote2011-01-29 11:03 pm

012 - Some crazy fun

So, I had a pretty fun day hanging with the roommate. We went for a little biking in the snow, watched some TV, went out to eat Japanese food, and then went to the bookstore which brings up something laughable. See, as we were leaving the Barnes & Noble, we saw a couple of boys coming down the block, and you know what they were carrying? A GIANT CLUMP OF SNOW! I swear it was bigger then they were, but all the same, it sent Megan and I totally cracking up about it.

In other news, the cat is doing well. He's eating, drinking, and it looks like he's still having some trouble handling dry food, but we're sure he'll be able to manage it soon at this rate.

That's all for now. See ya!

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