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Running. Here she was running again as Jenny rounded a corner. The sontaran followed behind her, keeping to a slower pace, even as it attempted to take a shot at her, and Sontarans were /good/ shots. She dodged them, rounding more corners and glancing behind her to check….slam! She stumbled back as she ran into someone ahead of her. How the hell hadn't she noticed someone there? Oh, that was the least of her worries even as she looked up at whoever it was she'd run into.
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Genesis had been on his way to the old opera house he'd somewhat claimed as his own when the world...twisted and shifted, warping about him dizzily in a way that reminded him rather unpleasently of when the degradation had held sway over his body. And when his vision cleared, he was pretty sure that he was nowhere in Adstring, unless the Animus had gone and played another of their tricks. Before he could get his bearings too much, however, there was someone running into him at speed. He glanced down to see blond hair and a- a dress? A dress on that familiar person? "Jenny?"
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She had been about to say something when the stranger said her name. She looked closer at him, taking in his clothes, which most certainly were not current to this time and place. "What?" She asked, as if completely confused just before she heard the footsteps of the Sontaran coming closer. "No, I'll figure this out later. Just run for now!" She told him urgently. "That way! Go!" She pointed in a direction before grabbing his hand in an attempt to pull him in that direction at a run.
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"What are you-" And then the...machine? Whatever it was, it rounded the corner, and it did not look at all as if it were particularly friendly. Genesis narrowed his eyes, calling up Thundaga to his fingertips. That looked like armor, and if his dealings with the robots that the Weapons Department had a habit of losing control of meant anything, it meant that this should be effective. Hopefully. He flung his hand out, the lightning spell cracking across the distance between them.
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As soon as the lightening hit the armor, it immediately dissipated as if it hadn't touched the Sontaran at all. It raised it's gun, ready to shoot just before something bounced off the nearby wall and hit it in the back of the head. The Sontaran instantly fell to the ground just before another came around the corner. "I can't hit them all like that! Now c'mon! We've gotta go!"
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His eyebrows arched when the spell dissipated off, and he was about to throw up a Wall when whatever the object was struck the creature and took it down. And then there was another coming, and he decided that perhaps Jenny had the right idea. "I suppose so." Then he turned and bolted in the direction she'd tugged him, keeping his pace to hers. Faster than human-standard, but still slower than his top speed.
5:47:07 PM Kyriasynth: Unfortunately, with those two running along for their lives, they weren't exactly watching where they were going. Which was really a shame because Gaignun had JUST about taken that first bite of that ice cream he'd just bought. This had to be a trick of the Animus, everything was after all, but he was going to take advantage of the fact that he could get easy and real ice cream for once. Too bad ice cream isn't a good shield from almost getting run over by a Geneisis and a Jenny.
5:54:11 PM puppynthecorner: Yes, and now Jenny has ice cream all over her dress. Yuck! But in other news, why the hell does she keep running into people?! "What?! C'mon! Can't I get some sort of break here?!" The shots ring out before she can even ask anything else, and she glances at….okay, this stranger she recognized, but not because she'd met him before, but because she'd met his older brothers. Welp, might as well. "Alright, seriously, I don't have time for explanations right this second. Everyone just run, and follow me! Quickly!" And she's off again, and this time, she's hoping they just head her advice.
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5:54:26 PM puppynthecorner: Yes, and now Jenny has ice cream all over her dress. Yuck! But in other news, why the hell does she keep running into people?! "What?! C'mon! Can't I get some sort of break here?!" The shots ring out before she can even ask anything else, and she glances at….okay, this stranger she recognized, but not because she'd met him before, but because she'd met his older brothers. Welp, might as well.
5:54:29 PM puppynthecorner: "Alright, seriously, I don't have time for explanations right this second. Everyone just run, and follow me! Quickly!" And she's off again, and this time, she's hoping they just head her advice.
5:56:13 PM FlameDragonrider: Genesis managed to dodge the ice cream, and threw up a Wall spell against the fire coming against them. "I'd suggest doing as she says," he said wryly, somehow utterly unsurprised to see someone else that he knew here, if a little more distantly. Then he grabbed Gaignun and started after her. "They appear to be immune to most attacks," he added.
5:58:11 PM Kyriasynth: Well, Gaignun was inclined to go along with what Jenny wanted, as she was usually one of the more sensible ones out of the people he knew. Thankfully this meant that when Genesis grabbed him, he was already moving and thus did not get jerked off balance. "So as usual then? Lovely."
6:01:50 PM puppynthecorner: Jenny ran as fast as she could, depending on the two of them to just keep up as she rounded corners and dodged the Sontarans firing, which was becoming harder as their numbers increased. Nope, she just couldn't get a break today, could she? This was what she got for being curious and trying to get to the bottom of things like usual, but then again, it was still rather fun. She runs up to a small blue police box and opens the door. "Everyone inside! Quickly!" She tells them, dashing inside of it without any hesitation.
6:04:26 PM FlameDragonrider: Genesis came lightly to a halt in front of the box, almost absently re-casting Wall as he glared. "Inside the box? How will we all-? Oh, whatever. Go!" He gestured for the other man to go first, as he had the protective spell.
6:05:57 PM Kyriasynth: Well, this had better not be as close quarters as it looks from the out---oh. "What the hell is this thing?" He asked, dashing in.
6:09:17 PM puppynthecorner: Jenny was already at the controls, pulling levers, and pushing buttons. "It's the TARDIS. Time and Relative Dimension in Space. In short, it's a ship, now close the door!" She told them. "And hold on to something." She finished with a grin. Oh, she always had fun with this part. Never really knew where you were going to end up next.
6:15:49 PM FlameDragonrider: Once they were both in, Genesis darted inside after them, slamming the door closed. He half-expected to be squished against them both, and half-expected...well, he wasn't entirely sure. The rather extensive and roomy interior certainly wasn't it. "What in the Goddess' name...?"
6:16:46 PM Kyriasynth: Gaignun was quick to take Jenny's warning, grabbing onto a railing before looking over at Genesis. "Who knows, this is Jenny we're talking about so it could be anything. What were you two running from anyways?"
6:26:29 PM puppynthecorner: "Sontaran." Jenny answered as she pulled a lever on the control and the TARDIS started instantly jarring them around roughly. "They're a militaristic race of clones. They're all about war and fighting, and it's all they focus on. Not only are they very skilled fighters, but they're technology is advanced so it's difficult to get a hit on them unless you know exactly what you're hitting. They're armor will neutralize or deflect just about everything." She explained simply to them. If they wanted further explanation, she would explain it later when she wasn't getting shaken around as much and holding on just so she could keep standing.
6:34:22 PM FlameDragonrider: "You'll need to tell me exactly where to hit, then," Genesis said firmly, even as he grabbed for the nearest solid location that didn't look like it was going to move. He kept his stance wide and flexible, as if he was riding out a Quake spell, and looked around with cool, thoughtful eyes.
6:35:15 PM Kyriasynth: So basically, Standard URTV's if they'd been allowed to grow to adult hood. That was distrubing. "But can they follow this thing?"
6:37:09 PM puppynthecorner: Jenny actually laughed at that question. "Of course not! The TARDIS isn't easy for them to catch. They'd have to be able to travel through time to catch us now."
6:38:45 PM FlameDragonrider: That brought pause to Genesis' thoughts. "Traveling through time?" He knew of time manipulation, with Haste, Slow, and Stop spells, but traveling through it....?
6:40:32 PM Kyriasynth: "That...Jenny, you're going to have to start from the beginning with this one." Gaignun said with a sigh. Lovely. What had the Animus started this time....
6:57:03 PM puppynthecorner: "Yes, traveling through time. And space.That's what the TARDIS does." She explains simply. "Now what beginning are you referring to? There's a lot of beginnings to start from. You're going to have to specify just a bit more before I can start anything honestly, and in truth, I've got quite a few questions for you two as well. Like where the bloody hell did you two come from? There's no way either one of you belongs to 1950s London with those clothes." She motions to Genesis as the TARDIS stops shaking. "And I /know/ you're not even from this reality." She adds, motioning at Gaignun next. "So I don't think I'm the only one who has to give explanations here, boys.
6:57:06 PM puppynthecorner: "
7:01:22 PM FlameDragonrider: "Wait, is this not some new game of the Animus'...?" The babble was familiar, almost comforting from her. As the so-called TARDIS came to a stop, he frowned at her slightly. "You're...different." Her body language was familiar, but just slightly...altered from the girl that he knew.
7:03:09 PM Kyriasynth: Gaignun listend to the two of them, drawing his own conclusions. "Perhaps this is one of the Animus's games, and Jenny is part of it." He said, theorizing a little. "Playing with people's memories and personalities is part of their modus operendai."
7:09:21 PM puppynthecorner: Jenny actually scoffed at that theory. "Uh, no. Don't even go there. I'm going on 239 this year, I think I would know if someone was messing with my head at this point, which might I add, is not easy to do to a Time Lord, I promise you. Especially one that's actually been trained, and my dad trained me very well, so try a different theory." She told them. "In short, no, this isn't some new game of the Animus, but that tells me where you two came from at the very least. Adstringendum, yeah? I had a couple of others traveling with me from there for a bit. We went to the old west that round. Lots of fun, though really, one of them seriously had to learn how to properly ride. He got far too gung ho about the whole thing.
7:09:24 PM puppynthecorner: "
7:23:35 PM FlameDragonrider: Genesis arched an eyebrow slowly at the latest stream of babble from her, taking in the information from her. "...I take it, then, that you're not from Adstringendum."
7:24:37 PM Kyriasynth: "That...Huh." What a way with words there Gaignun, what a way with words. "If this isn't one of their games, then how did Genesis and I get here thern?" So this was Jenny after she gets back from Adstring? Or a different universe of her all together? It would be interesting to find that out for sure.
7:32:05 PM puppynthecorner: "No, I"m most certainly not from Adstringendum, and I'm not entirely sure on how you two got here exactly, but I suspect some sort of rift. Like a crack in time and space. It really is hard to say and I'm only 238 so I still don't know everything quite yet. My dad might know, but he's a bit occupied at the moment. I suspected the same thing with the last two that showed up, and then Jenny they knew would have been from an alternate universe or similar." She babbles off as she starts searching computers. "I know Gaignun at the very least is from a different fandom then I am." She says. "And I suspect the same of you." She finishes, referring to Genesis as she types at one of the computers at the panel.
7:39:26 PM FlameDragonrider: "I do know Jenny- Or rather, a Jenny, to use your terminology." And then Genesis tilted his head at her, caught by another thought. "And what do you mean, fandoms?"
7:41:20 PM Kyriasynth: "Something akin to universes." Gaignun answered, a little absently. "You're probably right. Even the Jenny we know is from a different universe then us, and I'm from a different one still then Genesis."
7:50:27 PM puppynthecorner: "Well, this would be considered even that Jenny's universe. This would just be considered an alternate timeline of hers. But I have to admit, I feel a bit bad for your Jenny if she's stuck there. Our kind don't stay in one place easily, or at least our genetics don't allow us to. Traveling is in her very being. She must want to travel from there. To continue exploring. To run." She told them, her voice quieting, obviously not liking the idea of being stuck somewhere herself. She walked over to the TARDIS doors and opened them, revealing a beautiful view of Saturn's rings from they're point floating in space. There was nothing that seemed to separate them from the outside, but obviously something was protecting them from the dangers that space normally threw at them as Jenny leaned against the door's frame, gazing out at the rings.
7:55:05 PM FlameDragonrider: "She certainly runs a lot," he said wryly, though his voice was slightly irritated. "And none of us particularly like being stuck there, at least not in my experience." He followed her with his gaze to the doors, which were still not too far from where he stood. And then they opened, and he stilled in shock, a soft, awed breath escaping him.
7:56:36 PM Kyriasynth: Gaignun was used to panorama views of outer space from his home, but having the doors open like that was a little heartattack inducing. "I have to admit, I have a fondness for ringed planets...they're always so interesting to look at."
8:00:28 PM puppynthecorner: "Yeah, especially from this view, and this view is one of a kind. There's not another ship in the universe that you can see Saturn quite like this." She answers with a smile. "And of course she runs a lot. That's why she runs. It's inside her to travel the universe like this. To explore time and space just like dad does."
8:09:06 PM FlameDragonrider: He slowly stepped to the doorway, looking out across the void with an awed gaze, his lips moving silently in poem.
8:09:41 PM Kyriasynth: "Wait...is that Saturn?" A note of excitement entered Gaignun's voice. "If it is then we're...Oh please tell me it is..."
8:12:13 PM puppynthecorner: "Yeah, I just said it was Saturn, didn't I?" She laughed. "Just make sure you stay inside the TARDIS. Her shielding is protecting us in here. She can't protect us from space if we leave here."
8:13:42 PM FlameDragonrider: "Saturn?" He arched his eyebrows, though he didn't take his gaze away from the view. "What's that?"
8:14:59 PM Kyriasynth: Gaignun laughed. "Sorry, so you did. Yes, it does drive her a little nuts to be stuck there, but at least we have some very big problems that she can lose her self in from time to time." Gaignun looked over at Genesis. "Saturn si the name of that planet. This means that this is the solar system of Lost Jerusalem....where the ancestors of the human race in my world came from."
8:19:08 PM puppynthecorner: "Oh, in this time, the humans are still on Earth. They won't be forever, of course. Eventually, they'll spread out across the universe. They'll leave Earth behind, and Earth will die while the human race lives on. Humans are quite a clever little race. Always working hard to push their limits." There's an obvious soft smile on her face as she looks out at the planet. "Would you like to see Earth?" She asked them. "I can show you properly if you want."