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Puppy ([personal profile] puppyinthecorner) wrote2011-02-01 02:12 am

013 - A smiley day

Had a really busy and fun day hanging with my roommate, [livejournal.com profile] meg_mm_62791 today. Long story short, we got up, went bowling, went out to eat, then spent the rest of the day hanging out at Dave & Busters, which for anyone that doesn't know, it's basically a big gaming place. Has a huge arcade, a bowling alley, and I whole room for billiards. Safe to say, we basically did everything there, with the exception of the bowling since we had already done that earlier at Thunderbird lanes. We plan to bowl at D&Bs next time since their bowling alley was amazing! But while we were there, we did play in the arcade, win a TON of prize tickets through jackpot games, played billiards for awhile while enjoying some drinks and snackage, and then went back into the arcade to win more tickets, which might I add, was fun, but kind of sucked when we realized we had forgotten our second round of tickets somewhere and that someone had taken them. But hey, all in good fun I guess, even if it did suck.

Either way, we had so much fun that we lost track of time, and didn't really get out of there until 10:30pm.

Most certainly one of the funniest days ever.

Batty, you should join us next time.

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