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So, nobody is going to believe this, but I actually own a couple horses, and they're both really really good usually, but you know what happened last week? My 9 year old horse decided to be a jerk, and play a little game. See, he's really smart, and he's learned that if he pulls back on the rope he's tied to hard enough, he can break lose and get out of working. Well, he tried that last week, and since he hadn't done it in over a year, I had let my guard down a bit about, plus he never usually did anything dangerous. Just pulled back, and normally as soon as you put your hand on the rope, he would stop. This time however, he decided to rear up when I did that, ending in a hoof to my face! Lucky for me, he doesn't wear shoes, and because he's smart and such a people lover, he pulled off right away rather then putting any weight on me, unlike most horses who would care and would just bring all their weight down on you anyway. I didn't end up with any broken bones or anything, just a bruise, some swelling, and a few minor cuts and scrapes on my face, though I've got to admit, it looked pretty nasty at first appearance.

You know what though, despite the fact that I was sitting on the ground with a bloodied face and nose, I was laughing my head off. Yeah, I know, people don't normally laugh about stuff like this, but for some reason, the concept of getting kicked in the face by a horse was just plain funny to me. Also, rather then thinking "I should go to the ER," I was thinking "OMG! FUCKING HORSE! JUST WAIT UNTIL I GET UP AND I'M GONNA LUNGE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!" For those who don't know what lunging is, it's when a someone takes a long whip, and asks the horse to go around in circles. We don't use it on the horse, it's just meant to be a signal for them so they understand what we want from them. Lunging is often used as a way to get rid of a lot of a horse's excess energy, which I guarantee, my horse had a lot of at the time since he's been stuck in the barn a lot because of the cold weather. Lunging is also meant as a way to create a greater bond with your horse, because it teaches the horse to show us the same respect that they would show their own herd leader.

Anyway, yeah. That's all I wanted to do after I was knocked down, and the only reason I didn't was probably because the barn owner would have KILLED me if I tried. You know, human safety first and all. Guess I'm just a little thickheaded.

And yes, I still think getting kicked in the face by a horse was hilarious.


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